good times.

good-times.jpgNot those good times, the good times we are having now that Jen is getting out of the “sick” phase of being pregnant. The 2nd trimester really is a blessing after suffering her way through the first one. She is feeling tons better, and is getting her energy back. But dont be fooled by our good fortune, Jen still says she has no intention of going through this again. And you know what? ive looked into her eyes and i believe she is serious. If i want baby after this one, she tells me ive got two choices: adoption or kidnapping.


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going green = losing green!

i-went-green.pngAs if the stresses of becoming a parent arent enough, weve been reading a lot lately about “going green” in regard to the baby. You start reading about all the things that can harm your baby, and after a while you start wondering if anything is good for your baby. So we looked into some organic cotton clothes for the baby: 1 organic cotton onesie, $24.95. Yeah, thats practical, because we all know how slowly babies grow. 1 pair of organic cotton baby socks? $7.95. THATS FOR ONE PAIR OF INFANT SOCKS. Thats like 4 dollars each. And environmentalists wonder why more people dont go green. I dont mean to go off on a rant here, but I saw Ed Begley Jr. on The Dennis Miller Show about 10 years ago, complaining about how few people drove hybrid vehicles. Dennis told him “want people to buy hybrids? stop making them look like hybrids. Start making them look like Porsches and they will sell like hot cakes.” To me its similar with environmentally friends baby items. Want parents to buy them? Try and price them so that parents can buy them.

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sound? check.

listening for baby.jpg

So we hit our first big milestone today: We got to hear the babys heartbeat for the first time! It was 160 bpm, for those of you keeping track at home. In related Dr. appointment news, jen had actually lost 7 pounds since her previous visit, but we were told that that wasnt out of the ordinary. A lot of it had to do with how sick she had been for the last several weeks.

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guess what we got this month?

baby bump.jpg

yep. 🙂

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dance, baby!

its important that i let everyone know right upfront, this isnt jen. I stumbled across (and by “stumbled” i mean i did a search for pregnant dancing on you tube) and found these today. Theyre catchy. i dont know how or why, but they are. As a matter of fact, I almost titled this post “the coolest, creepiest, most bizarre, awesomest, oddly intriguing, i cant believe im watching this, but then i again i cant believe someone filmed these, videos ever.” But i thought “dance, baby!” sounded wittier. This chick does have mad skills, though. holla.

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1 trimester down, 2 more to go…

well, no news is good news. jen has been feeling pretty good lately, and although im jinxing her as i write this, things really seem to be better for her. We have our next Dr. appointment in couple of days. We had a good holiday, and enjoyed getting to see our families. We also found out that one of my relatives is 4 weeks along with her first baby also. If you read one of my earlier posts about parenthood being the worlds 2nd oldest pyramid scheme, this means weve got one person under us now in the pyramid. Jen is happy because this means she has someone to be pregnant with.

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giving thanks for a baby and for ric ocasek



So here we are at Thanksgiving, and who has more to be thankful for than us? We finally got pregnant this year. It was a long journey, with a lot of let downs along the way. We must have spent 900$ on home pregnancy tests, with one after another coming up negative. After a year of trying, we were about to give up. It may sound cliche, but the greatest day of my life was the morning Jen woke me up to let me know that we were having a baby. Now were building a family, from scratch. How cool is that? So this Thanksgiving, more than any other, I truly have a lot to be thankful for. Oh- im also thankful that the Cars finally released a live CD. 😉

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