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1 trimester down, 2 more to go…

well, no news is good news. jen has been feeling pretty good lately, and although im jinxing her as i write this, things really seem to be better for her. We have our next Dr. appointment in couple of days. We had a good holiday, and enjoyed getting to see our families. We also found out that one of my relatives is 4 weeks along with her first baby also. If you read one of my earlier posts about parenthood being the worlds 2nd oldest pyramid scheme, this means weve got one person under us now in the pyramid. Jen is happy because this means she has someone to be pregnant with.


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1st trimester almost over.. (the return of jen)

Remeber me? im the one having this baby. I don’t think anyone is happier than me that the yucky 1st trimester is almost over, not even John.  I am really hoping that when I’m around 13-14 weeks I will start to get some of my energy and appetite back like like people have been telling me. I remember at about 7 or 8 weeks along I was thinking that I never want to forget how I feel,  so that after I give birth I won’t want to have another child. The nausea and lack of energy has been so awful. At this point, I’m just hoping I have twins so I only have to go through this  once. Either way I’ll be happy, as the baby(ies) are just healthy and happy.

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did you know…

Here are some random facts that are probably more interesting if you are pregnant:

A four month old fetus will startle and turn away if a bright light is flashed on it’s mother’s belly.

A newborn baby’s head accounts for about one-quarter of it’s entire weight.

Children born in the month of May are on the average 200 grams heavier at birth than children born in any other month.

During pregnancy a woman’s blood volume increases up to 50%. In addition to meeting the needs of the fetus, this is a reserve against fluid loss that occurs during childbirth.

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pregnancy has its perks…

So because Jen has been so ill lately, the Dr. wrote a note to her work saying that for the time being, she can work no more than 30 hours a week. motor-workers.jpgThis has seemed to help a little, she is only working 6 hour days now. I tried to get him to write a similar note for me, but he wouldnt do it. 🙂 I guess thats one of the perks of being pregnant.

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food: its whats for dinner

Jen has had 2 pretty good days in a row now. Shes not feeling great, but better than she has in quite a while. She tells me the secret to her success is that she always eats. Lord knows she doesnt want to, that nothing sounds good to her, but as long as she has something in her tum-tum, she seems to feel a little better. Tonight it was cashew chicken.cashew_chicken_springfield.jpg It was actually invented here in Springfield, which blows my mind every time i think about it. It seemed to help her, it made me feel not so good. Apparently i got a bad batch or something. Other than that, shes really tired still. Hopefully she will not be so tired soon and we can go out and shop for baby furniture and do some of the fun things that go along with starting a family.

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lady doula

doula \DOO-luh\, noun:
A woman who assists during childbirth labor and provides support to the mother, her child and the family after childbirth.

lady doggins \LAY-dee DOG-gins\, noun:
Our dog who assists and provides support to Jen, her unborn baby and the family before childbirth.

s8000939-small.jpg Our terrier has become quite the caregiver, she is constantly at Jens side now, and is always guarding Jens food and drink from those pesky cats, Raga Mazoo and Lil’ Meow. Its like she knows Jen is pregnant, which is pretty cool. Shes always been a super loving dog, but you can tell a real difference in her demeanor now, which is fascinating to watch.

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giving props to “old hickory”


Not THAT old hickory, the hickory burger from Sonic. Knowing that Jen has been sick and not eating alot lately, im always asking her if anything sounds good, if shes having any cravings, etc. Today right before i left work i called her, and she thought that a hickory burger (no onions, no lettuce) from Sonic sounded good. That, and a strawberry sundae. She ate the burger, but later decided that maybe it was too much, too soon. At least shes eating something other than Chicken McNuggets and grilled cheese sandwiches. “im eatin’ for two, y’all!”

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