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1st trimester almost over.. (the return of jen)

Remeber me? im the one having this baby. I don’t think anyone is happier than me that the yucky 1st trimester is almost over, not even John.  I am really hoping that when I’m around 13-14 weeks I will start to get some of my energy and appetite back like like people have been telling me. I remember at about 7 or 8 weeks along I was thinking that I never want to forget how I feel,  so that after I give birth I won’t want to have another child. The nausea and lack of energy has been so awful. At this point, I’m just hoping I have twins so I only have to go through this  once. Either way I’ll be happy, as the baby(ies) are just healthy and happy.


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my babys momma had a birthday!

kid-birthday-cake.gifJen had a birthday yesterday. (in case youre wondering, i got her tons of maternity clothes, and roses) We got to talking about birthdays, and it seems as you get older they get to be less and less of an event, until you get much older, then they start to become more of an event again. But when youre a child, a birthday is a HUGE event, it seems like it cant come fast enough, and you look forward to it forever. We cant wait to start celebrating our babys birthdays. Suddenly birthdays are fun again. I had some pretty cool birthdays growing up, but they never had anything like this when i was a kid.

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