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giving thanks for a baby and for ric ocasek



So here we are at Thanksgiving, and who has more to be thankful for than us? We finally got pregnant this year. It was a long journey, with a lot of let downs along the way. We must have spent 900$ on home pregnancy tests, with one after another coming up negative. After a year of trying, we were about to give up. It may sound cliche, but the greatest day of my life was the morning Jen woke me up to let me know that we were having a baby. Now were building a family, from scratch. How cool is that? So this Thanksgiving, more than any other, I truly have a lot to be thankful for. Oh- im also thankful that the Cars finally released a live CD. 😉


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DNA evidence exonerates video, mp3 taken into custody

375007704_52bf967450-small.jpgSo i was thinking today of random things that our baby will never know, things like:

MTV used to play nothing but music videos.

BetaMax was better than VHS, even though VHS won the format war.

Cassette tapes were good only if you were old enough to compare them to 8 tracks.

Dial up internet.

Pac Man fever.

That after spending 20 years in prison for killing the radio star, new DNA evidence shows  that Video was innocent. it was its cousin, Mp3.

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hip to be square

Being a huge fan of the band Wilco, how happy was i to find that they have a couple of items for babies in their online store? There is the Wilco Penguin Onesie, wccm08.jpgand the Wilco “shapes” bib.wcam17.jpg This is great news for us. Maybe we can have a baby and still be a little hip at the same time. I doubt it. But hey check it out, my baby has a Wilco Onesie on!

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music, baby!

Theres an interesting article over at WebMD about music and infants. Apparently there was a study that showed playing the nocturnes of Chopin helped restless babies sleep.babyheadphones.jpg This would help explain how Chopin has managed to keep the top spot on the Billboard 100 since the 19th century, the 2nd longest run in history after Pink Floyds “Dark Side of the Moon.” But seriously, who is doing these studies, and how is it that in 129 years of recorded sound  the only music they mention  is Chopin? Nothing against Frederic, but throw me a bone here, could we maybe try Wilco or Radiohead the next time we run this experiment? After all, Radiohead put out a CD called “Kid A“, surely we could at least give them a shot.

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