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sweet themes are made of these.

So we have been (and i am embarrassed to even say this) trying to decide on a theme for our babys room.  And why not? Weve got a Windows desktop theme, my cell phone has a theme, why wouldnt our babies room have a theme also. Its hard enough when i think about it, but writing about it here and now really allows for just how silly it is. Will the baby care? not even on a good day, im guessing. My very earliest memories about my room start maybe around 3 years of age. We could probably wallpaper the room with old newspapers and the baby would never know. And since we arent finding out the sex of the baby until birth, whatever theme we go with now will almost certainly be different in 3 years. Probably long before that, im guessing.

That being said, right now we are kicking around 3 theme ideas for the nursery: Dr Suess, the jungle, or Noahs Ark. All 3 are great ideas, but its not as much a theme for the babys room but a theme for mom and dad. “Hey the Dr Suess theme sounds great, but what if we went with a vintage guitar theme instead? Or how about a plasma TV theme?” Its funny what having a baby on the way does to you. And for the record, Jen is fond of the jungle theme, so take a guess what direction i bet we end up going.


November 13, 2007 at 5:34 pm 3 comments

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