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going green = losing green!

i-went-green.pngAs if the stresses of becoming a parent arent enough, weve been reading a lot lately about “going green” in regard to the baby. You start reading about all the things that can harm your baby, and after a while you start wondering if anything is good for your baby. So we looked into some organic cotton clothes for the baby: 1 organic cotton onesie, $24.95. Yeah, thats practical, because we all know how slowly babies grow. 1 pair of organic cotton baby socks? $7.95. THATS FOR ONE PAIR OF INFANT SOCKS. Thats like 4 dollars each. And environmentalists wonder why more people dont go green. I dont mean to go off on a rant here, but I saw Ed Begley Jr. on The Dennis Miller Show about 10 years ago, complaining about how few people drove hybrid vehicles. Dennis told him “want people to buy hybrids? stop making them look like hybrids. Start making them look like Porsches and they will sell like hot cakes.” To me its similar with environmentally friends baby items. Want parents to buy them? Try and price them so that parents can buy them.


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1 trimester down, 2 more to go…

well, no news is good news. jen has been feeling pretty good lately, and although im jinxing her as i write this, things really seem to be better for her. We have our next Dr. appointment in couple of days. We had a good holiday, and enjoyed getting to see our families. We also found out that one of my relatives is 4 weeks along with her first baby also. If you read one of my earlier posts about parenthood being the worlds 2nd oldest pyramid scheme, this means weve got one person under us now in the pyramid. Jen is happy because this means she has someone to be pregnant with.

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my babys momma had a birthday!

kid-birthday-cake.gifJen had a birthday yesterday. (in case youre wondering, i got her tons of maternity clothes, and roses) We got to talking about birthdays, and it seems as you get older they get to be less and less of an event, until you get much older, then they start to become more of an event again. But when youre a child, a birthday is a HUGE event, it seems like it cant come fast enough, and you look forward to it forever. We cant wait to start celebrating our babys birthdays. Suddenly birthdays are fun again. I had some pretty cool birthdays growing up, but they never had anything like this when i was a kid.

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the corner of wall st. and sesame st.

Because its never too early to start thinking of the high cost of college, the folks over at offer real framed stock certificates for babies. couvfortune-thumb.jpg This got me curious, so i did some checking: One share of johnson and johnson,  purchased on my birthday, august of 1974 would have cost $99.12. That 1 share would now be 46 shares due to stock splits and dividends over the years and be worth approx. $3046.47 today. Not too bad. I can just imagine our child playing with its friends at school: “Want to play house?” “Nah, how about we play flip this house instead, and use the profits to buy other undervalued imaginary houses in this area?”

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sweet themes are made of these.

So we have been (and i am embarrassed to even say this) trying to decide on a theme for our babys room.  And why not? Weve got a Windows desktop theme, my cell phone has a theme, why wouldnt our babies room have a theme also. Its hard enough when i think about it, but writing about it here and now really allows for just how silly it is. Will the baby care? not even on a good day, im guessing. My very earliest memories about my room start maybe around 3 years of age. We could probably wallpaper the room with old newspapers and the baby would never know. And since we arent finding out the sex of the baby until birth, whatever theme we go with now will almost certainly be different in 3 years. Probably long before that, im guessing.

That being said, right now we are kicking around 3 theme ideas for the nursery: Dr Suess, the jungle, or Noahs Ark. All 3 are great ideas, but its not as much a theme for the babys room but a theme for mom and dad. “Hey the Dr Suess theme sounds great, but what if we went with a vintage guitar theme instead? Or how about a plasma TV theme?” Its funny what having a baby on the way does to you. And for the record, Jen is fond of the jungle theme, so take a guess what direction i bet we end up going.

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parenting: the 2nd oldest pyramid scheme

amway-logo-4c.jpg When we were trying to have kids, our friends who already had them were elated, telling us what great parents we would be, how much we would enjoy it, how our children would play together, how much having a baby enriched their lives and brought them closer together, etc, etc. Now that we are expecting, when we talk to those same friends and we hear their children screaming in the background, all they can say is “This is what you have to look forward to. Good luck.” I cant help but feel that someone got one over on us. I imagine we feel the same way people did when they got their first Amway sales kit in the mail. And just like our friends with kids, the Amway people probably went on and on, telling them what great sales people they would be, how much they would enjoy it, and how selling Amway enriched their lives and brought them closer together. But instead of 4 cases of shampoo sitting our closet, we will soon have a baby. We cant wait to be parents,  but im still savvy enough to know that the sales pitch has changed.

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baby girls and presidents- who knew?

why is that presidents make such GREAT names for girls? i could go on and on about this, jen hates this whole series of names:





We ran some of these by the family this weekend, and didnt seem to have any winners. Weve also been on a big country kick lately, with jen liking the name Britton for a boy, and me liking the name Ireland for a girl.

November 12, 2007 at 6:26 pm 3 comments

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