1st trimester almost over.. (the return of jen)

Remeber me? im the one having this baby. I don’t think anyone is happier than me that the yucky 1st trimester is almost over, not even John.  I am really hoping that when I’m around 13-14 weeks I will start to get some of my energy and appetite back like like people have been telling me. I remember at about 7 or 8 weeks along I was thinking that I never want to forget how I feel,  so that after I give birth I won’t want to have another child. The nausea and lack of energy has been so awful. At this point, I’m just hoping I have twins so I only have to go through this  once. Either way I’ll be happy, as the baby(ies) are just healthy and happy.


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pregnancy has its perks part 2: natures boob job


’nuff said. 🙂

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poor jen…

Heres a transcript of a conversation jen had recently:

random person: “do you have any names in mind yet?”

jen: “we thought about the name Noah, but John thinks it sounds too meek.”

random person: “really? thats my husbands name.”

jen: “oh.”

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did you know…

Here are some random facts that are probably more interesting if you are pregnant:

A four month old fetus will startle and turn away if a bright light is flashed on it’s mother’s belly.

A newborn baby’s head accounts for about one-quarter of it’s entire weight.

Children born in the month of May are on the average 200 grams heavier at birth than children born in any other month.

During pregnancy a woman’s blood volume increases up to 50%. In addition to meeting the needs of the fetus, this is a reserve against fluid loss that occurs during childbirth.

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my babys momma had a birthday!

kid-birthday-cake.gifJen had a birthday yesterday. (in case youre wondering, i got her tons of maternity clothes, and roses) We got to talking about birthdays, and it seems as you get older they get to be less and less of an event, until you get much older, then they start to become more of an event again. But when youre a child, a birthday is a HUGE event, it seems like it cant come fast enough, and you look forward to it forever. We cant wait to start celebrating our babys birthdays. Suddenly birthdays are fun again. I had some pretty cool birthdays growing up, but they never had anything like this when i was a kid.

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the corner of wall st. and sesame st.

Because its never too early to start thinking of the high cost of college, the folks over at oneshare.com offer real framed stock certificates for babies. couvfortune-thumb.jpg This got me curious, so i did some checking: One share of johnson and johnson,  purchased on my birthday, august of 1974 would have cost $99.12. That 1 share would now be 46 shares due to stock splits and dividends over the years and be worth approx. $3046.47 today. Not too bad. I can just imagine our child playing with its friends at school: “Want to play house?” “Nah, how about we play flip this house instead, and use the profits to buy other undervalued imaginary houses in this area?”

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DNA evidence exonerates video, mp3 taken into custody

375007704_52bf967450-small.jpgSo i was thinking today of random things that our baby will never know, things like:

MTV used to play nothing but music videos.

BetaMax was better than VHS, even though VHS won the format war.

Cassette tapes were good only if you were old enough to compare them to 8 tracks.

Dial up internet.

Pac Man fever.

That after spending 20 years in prison for killing the radio star, new DNA evidence shows  that Video was innocent. it was its cousin, Mp3.

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